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WOD for Warriors

To celebrate Memorial Day, CF boxes tend to prescribe a hero WOD, mostly Murph. Since I already did Murph this week I decided to go for something new and was excited to find the WOD for Warriors project. None of … Continue reading

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Inspiration to try harder

“I did not lose basketball, baseball, volleyball, football, golf, and skiing all at once. I lost them one at a time as I decided whether I could muster the heart to struggle through another season with a smile and enthusiasm.” … Continue reading

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Murph and the Art of CrossFit Endurance

You know you’re doing something special in CrossFit when there are competing camps arguing the right approach for a certain workout. It so happens with Murph,¬†which can take the better or all of an hour especially if you decide to … Continue reading

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WOD with Kandahar CrossFit

This may be my most memorable WOD yet. Today CF KOP organized a workout of global proportions. We connected our gym via Skype to Kandahar CrossFit in Afghanistan for a joint Hero Workout. We were joined by dozens of kids … Continue reading

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Fight Gone Bad for Good

Today thousands of CrossFitters raised over $2.1 Million to support families of wounded special operations soldiers. We all contributed by raising money and completing the Fight Gone Bad workout. I was back at my home box for this day of … Continue reading

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