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The Magic of Proper Instruction

Admit it. Most of us started out in CrossFit with what can generously be called less than perfect technique… We started posting great PR’s with form that Olympic weightlifters, gymnasts would snicker at. But as long as it was safe, … Continue reading

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Planning Mobility

Like thousands of others, I’m a big fan of MobilityWod but have to admit, Kelly Starrett’s daily prescription (should I say RX?) of 15 minutes minimum mobility sometimes (many times) falls on the wayside. I noticed that in my September WOD … Continue reading

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CrossFit Life Lesson 22 – If Worth Doing then Worth Mastering

There is a distinct difference between mastering or just learning. Even if we rarely have the patience to truly master anything any more. In the middle ages craftsmen spent a decade in apprenticeship just to learn how to paint. Nowadays … Continue reading

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The Discipline of SealFit

Today’s search for a great tough WOD took me back to the legendary SealFit site that I haven’t followed in a while. I’m glad I found them again. Mark Divine dishes out the toughest workout I’ve found to date. Really … Continue reading

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Running Like Bolt

It is always special when family members join you for the WODs. My daughter was a trooper and did all segments with me including the Endurance drills. So much so that her running gait completely changed for the better. She … Continue reading

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