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[ I’m currently following CrossFit Invictus’ Master WOD Programming. The personal training template is something everyone should create at least once to set preferences for training priorities, balance and goals. Invictus now saves me the effort. My original Masters template is below. ]

Sooner or later all CrossFit athletes will start adding components to the regular WODs. Some opt for strength training, like Westside or Wendler. Others do more sprints and rowing training like CFE. Then there is the need for mobility, which in my case mostly comes from my chiropractor/kinesiologist. Also, all of us have to work on form and some new skills and many times the local boxes do not have scheduled skill training hours. Having traveled to many gyms over the last few months I picked up bits and pieces of best practices on how each club handles all the elements of preparing an athlete, whether they are college firebreathers or weekend warrior dads and moms.

The idea of creating a better, personalized training template after years of CrossFit became a logical next step for me. Beyond my travel experience there are also many similar ideas out there from Wendler, Brian MacKenzieCF Endurance and of course endless comments on the Main Site. What emerged is a program that is easy to follow and allows a lot of customization and emphasis based on personal strength and weakness. I will figure out how to best publish the details and as always happy to share the work in progress with anyone (just email me).

My CrossFit Training Template has 5 components that are built in the 3 times a week for both metcon and strength schedule. Endurance training follows every day alternating between lighter and heavier sessions. The rest days are active recovery days with mobility, skill or light endurance components.

The Strength days can be made up by various movements. One week’s composite may be cleans and the next week deadlifts. It also makes sense to follow Wendler-like 65-75-85% load weeks and deload for one week at 40% 1RM.

The MetCon days will be whatever the Main Site or our favorite box dishes out for us for a WOD. Sometimes there will be lifting in the MetCon after a lifting day. We can use our judgement to scale or go all out… I like the idea of doing Endurance every day to keep stamina up which in turn helps with longer WODs and competitions. The light and heavy days vary by length and also recovery times. Some examples are below and much more can be found on the CF Endurance site.

The last component of the template is Mobility and Form/Skill. The idea is to follow a standard mobility routine and every day working on at least one skill (like muscle ups, double unders or lifting form).

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