Running Like Bolt

It is always special when family members join you for the WODs. My daughter was a trooper and did all segments with me including the Endurance drills. So much so that her running gait completely changed for the better. She started out as we all do with a total heel strike and in one hour of drills was a reborn sprinter… Incredible. Now she can join me in the 6 weeks of CFE drills on a journey to be like Usain Bolt.
Father / Daughter Partner WOD

– Wendler Push Press 5/5/5 (125/45)
– Handstand pushup progressions
3 rounds for time:
– 5 pullups
– 10 pushups
– 10 front squats (95/45)
– 20 situps
Double Unders 200 [5,400 of 10,000]

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