Restarting an Endurance Journey

I had the good fortune of having Stu Mittleman as a coach for a while over a decade ago when I first flirted with long distance running. Stu gave many great insights about nutrition and visualization beyond running that started coming back to me in the CF Endurance training we just had. Nagging injuries and massive time investment into running deterred me from long events after a while. What CFE started to bring back this weekend with the focus on proper running mechanics and anaerobic (CrossFit) vs aerobic (endless running) mindset is the promise of just getting up and going for a long long run when the moment so inspires us… Of course bad habits won’t change in a weekend so 6 weeks of additional drills await, but it is already clear that this will likely be the most transformational training CrossFit offered me to date.
– Lots of CFE skill drills
– 300 double unders (4,000 of 10,000)

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