CF Endurance Weekend

Coming to the CrossFit Endurance certification was probably the best decision I could make about running since standing up as a toddler. If you think about it, we never properly learn how to run well. I did have marathon training when I logged the mandatory 40-60 miles a week to keep in training for a race – but it was all volume and very little technique. What CF Endurance created is a fantastic program to get us back to the basics and start enjoying long runs again without injuries and also without the endless miles of training. As a bonus, the Cert is conducted at the Police Academy in Charlotte so we get to work out with the city’s finest in a great training environment and extreme humidity.
Great group of close to 30 of us here from local boxes and also Boston, Atlanta and S.C.
Beyond what seemed like endless drills into technique, the coaches did grace us with a great WOD in the end. Yes, it involved running and burpees for extra credit…
As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes
3 person teams, 1 runs, 1 rests, 1 does burpees
–  400m run
– burpees
[Team: 194 burpees]
200 double unders (3,700 of 10,000)

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