London Town and the Art of the Long Recovery

In Crossfit, soreness and injuries come and go. As we get better, our bodies heal much faster. With the clear focus on mobility the scheduled rest days for me are typically enough for proper recovery.

I had two exceptions to that rule in my 2.5 years with the sport. Both involved tendons and not muscles. In the early days of CF I had nagging Achilles tendonitis that slowed down my box jumps, running and delayed my learning of double unders. The doctors suggested a lifetime challenge with the pain and was told I should not be running much. Then I did what CFers do. MobilityWOD, rollers, hip, ankle and calf mobility. Then all of a sudden the pain was gone. I can’t remember when it happened but it is all over this blog mid-last year as the unbroken double unders went from 3-4 to 30-40.

The second challenge happened with a tendon in my shoulder that forced me to drop the weight on my cleans, snatches and struggled with all overhead movements. Back to the prescription. A daily regimen of heat pads, static stretches and shoulder mobility put me on a rapid recovery path once more.

The point of all this is what Kelly Starett told us many times. We have the basic ability to repair our bodies even from the so called chronic injuries. This is an observation and not medical advice of course so make your own experiment and learn from it.

In London today CrossFit Central London dished out a great dose of shoulder work: front levers, back levers, ring l-sits, overhead squats and ring dips. Maybe hard work is the best pain medicine after all…


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