Why do you Beast?

Long races like the 6-10 hours at the Spartan Beast allow us to learn a lot about ourselves and our fellow athletes. There are clearly those who come to win. Others to celebrate, whether an engagement, an anniversary or graduation. Others to support their friends, or to prove some yet-to-be-clarified virtue or just to soak in the energy of those who get to push this hard in life.

The motivations showed up as some athletes were flying by to beat the clock, groups in uniform T-shirts were partying throughout and most uplifting for all of us – people with various handicaps and challenges made it through with flying colors.

Extreme stamina events like this bring a unique challenge to us CrossFitters. Even those of us used to endurance run races are tested by the modality of very long stamina events like the Spartan Beast with endless mountain climbs and descents, ice-cold swims and various strength and load-bearing challenges.

If you ever want to do a long and fun stamina race, put the Beast on your shortlist.


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