The Magic of Proper Instruction

Admit it. Most of us started out in CrossFit with what can generously be called less than perfect technique… We started posting great PR’s with form that Olympic weightlifters, gymnasts would snicker at. But as long as it was safe, we were getting a good workout and posting better scores, it was OK, right? Wrong.

I’m learning the hard way along with some of you that reversing bad technique can be more painful than learning it in the first place. And we all have to cross that point once we hit a plateau. Many of us went back to learning Oly lifts for real and today I was doing the same with gymnastics. You know the muscle ups, handstand push-ups that I thought I had conquered. I learned how much more there was to learn to make it effortless…

The challenge is obviously that we are not teens learning each sport 3-4 hours a day. How do you fit in skill training into a busy day next to the hour of WOD? Do you even care? Of course, you care, because you picked a sport where you compete against your last score (and your friends) every day. And you like to win. Or at least hate being last…

The best coaches and clinics accomplish two amazing things. One, they give you plenty of pointers on your specific challenges and the necessary drills to get better. Second, and most importantly, they give you the tools to assess your own technique without needing a coach. CF Endurance, the Burgener Oly Lifting Cert and now the Gymnastics Clinic at CFDV all accomplished this. You know exactly what perfect performance needs to look and feel like. Record yourself on video and keep repeating the movement until you have 10 perfect reps. Then tackle the next skill progression.

Constantly varied poor form is no longer acceptable standard even for the average CrossFitter. We should all challenge ourselves to practice higher standards. Even if we have to get up 30 minutes earlier or skip lunch… We should not settle.

Warrior Yoga, Hip Mobility, Mental Focus Drills
4-hour Gymnastics Clinic of muscle ups, handstands, handstand walks and pull-ups
Catalyst training W1D6
• Snatch – 70% x 3; 75% x 2; 80% x 1 x 2; 75% x 1; 80% x 1
• Clean & jerk – 70% x 3; 75% x 2; 80% x 1 x 2; 75% x 1; 80% x 1
• Snatch shrug – 105% (of snatch) x 8 x 5
• Back squat – 60% x 6; 65% x 6; 70% x 6; 75% x 4 x 2
• Ab wheel – 3 x 15
– Row sprints 4x200m under 40s


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