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Programming for Summer Travel

Every summer my business and personal travel schedule keeps me away from my home box. In fact, when I started CrossFit 3 years ago, I was thrown in to learn all about programming quickly because most travel destinations had no … Continue reading

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Keeping the Rigor of Training During Travel

The biggest disruption of travel is not just new places or jetlag. It is the difficulty of keeping the rigor of training intact. CrossFit teaches you to do the training as prescribed but that assumes you actually show up at … Continue reading

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Travel Training for Real

My next wave of travel is coming up between vacations and work trips. This time around it will be many locations without any CF boxes. (Not even ESPN access to watch the Crossfit Games, but I digress). One of the … Continue reading

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Meta programming for strength, stamina and endurance

Those big words simply mean that there may be a need to an overarching programming scheme, schedule and periodization to develop certain physical skills. This is quite an old idea, even in CrossFit circles. Strength Whether it is Burgener’s, Wendler’s … Continue reading

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Resting up for Durability

One of the key pillars of SealFit’s definition of physical standards is durability. It is a combination of mobility, flexibility and core strength that enables us to keep going. On rest days light endurance (run) or a durability routine is … Continue reading

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