Will CrossFit Stay Open Source?

From the very beginning our sport stood out from all its peers by HQ’s principle of publishing all workouts, CrossFit methods and discussions openly to enable co-creation of the best methodologies by all the participants. They encouraged businesses to be built on training the open methodology and that in turn created the fastest growing fitness movement and thousands of businesses with it. Today hundreds of contributors post on the Main Site, contribute to the Journal and create their own blogs or dedicated forums for elite fitness. As the sport has more and more commercial players we can still hope for open collaboration on the core approaches and methodologies. Even though I increasingly see CrossFit gyms with completely copyrighted content instead of free sharing or creative commons licensing. I hope this is an oversight. I hope that athletes, trainers and coaches who built their fitness and businesses on the generosity of HQ and fellow contributors will not wall off their own contributions. CrossFitters, embrace creative commons. It is good for this sport. Check your affiliate’s site to see if they endorse open growth of our sport.

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