Scaling Eva

Short workouts do not need much strategy. Warm up, give it your all and embrace the pain. Long ones are a different story. Anyone doing the first Murph for example has to decide on doing 100, 200, 300 pull-ups, pushups and squats or 20 rounds of 5, 10, 15 each. That decision could mean 5-10 minutes off the clock. Eva has a similar challenge. 72 pounds are a lot of weight on a kettlebell. Especially doing it 150 times. Especially before 150 proper pullups. Especially being out of air on 5 x 1/2 miles of run. Either you Rx and go longer or start scaling the KB or the pullup. (No, we do not scale the run, silly). I opted for the KB scale to keep the momentum and committed to the 72 pounder Eva by the end of the year!
SealFit Daily Routine
Warrior Yoga, Meditation, Hip Mobility, Focus Drills
Benchmark Girl “Eva”
5 rounds for time:
– 800m run
– 30 kettlebell swings at 72 lbs
– 30 pullups
[34:00 scaled at 45 lbs]
Overhead Squats 100 [ 300 of 1,000]

(CC) Chris Nolan

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