Cindy’s Butterflies

One way to improve technique is to do a lot of them. This came out loud and clear in today’s workout. Doing popular benchmark girl “Cindy” moved butterfly pullups from nice-to-have to necessary-for-survival. This may be the best way to improve score: stop kipping, start flying. Butterflying, that is. You can literally complete the 5 pullups in 2 seconds this way with much less fatigue. Still working on the non-fatigue version of squats… Big kudos to the SealFit team for their daily routine. Flexibility, focus and durability all skyrocket afterwards..
SealFit Daily Routine
– Warrior Yoga, Meditation, Hip Mobility, Mental Focus
Benchmark WOD Cindy
AMRAP in 20 minutes:
– 5 pullups
– 10 pushups
– 15 squats
[24 rounds + 15 reps]
Wendler W2 Bench 3-3-3 [160+]
– Muscle ups 10 [110 of 200]
– Overhead squats 100 [200 of 1000]

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