Building a Race Athlete in All of Us

Not everyone aspires for the CrossFit Open, Regional or the Games. Not even the local 5K. Then again, we are in a sport where all of your workouts are recorded, analyzed and compared. Every single day you can assess where you stand against your box or thousands of other athletes in the world. I do believe being on the clock every workout is a big part of the attractiveness of the sport. It does sometimes make us forget that we have to keep rebuilding the foundation, technique and strength in-between WODs to really improve the score.

Recently there is much more CF blog chatter about periodization in the classic “specialized” sports sense. Recover from the prior season, build foundation strength, improve your skills then increase your work capacity prior to the next competition. While some resist the formula, I believe seasonal training and periodization is here to stay, because as more athletes compete in the Open and local Throwdowns and more of us need to improve on our foundations.

My approach from last January still holds but the sequence will be even more important:

September-December:     Strength, Skills and Mobility 

  • identify the baseline strengths/weaknesses via benchmarks
  • increase raw strength through heavy weight training
  • work on and obliterate the technical faults / goats / weaknesses
  • improve mobility (hip, shoulder, yoga, MWOD)

January – February:   Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics

  • Improve the Oly techniques and increase volume and weight
  • Improve hard gymnastics movements (muscle up) and increase volume
March – May:   MetCon Beast Mode
  • Massively increase volume and reps in workouts
  • Train in metcons across all time / modal domains
  • Lighten up strength training
  • Increase endurance intervals
May – August:    Race, Maintenance, Recovery
  • During race season the focus is on race performance and recovery
  • Between competitions: full MetCons and light weight training

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