The Discipline of SealFit

Today’s search for a great tough WOD took me back to the legendary SealFit site that I haven’t followed in a while. I’m glad I found them again. Mark Divine dishes out the toughest workout I’ve found to date. Really it is 3-4 WODs in one every day. The workouts follow a regimen similar to CrossFit and CF Endurance with the level of varied intensity within the hour that requires extra mental effort. Mark’s intro to SealFit is well worth the price and a good read as well.
I had to do some “scaling” as I couldn’t find anyone willing to be carried out of this traditional gym for a ‘partner carry’. So my partner became a pair of 45lb barbell plates…
3 rounds:
– 250M row, 10 pushup, 10 jump pullup, 10x Situps
Work Capacity
– Double Unders
– Ball Slams
– Situps
5-5-5 Press at 40, 50, 60%
Not timed:
– 20x press @ 70%
– 75x DB push press 35#
– 800m buddy carry
1 x 500m row sprint under 1:30
50 GHD Situps
30 reverse hypers
Double Unders: 250 [5,900 of 10,000]

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