Off Strip Benchmark

This may not be the biggest attraction yet in Vegas but Crossfit Max Effort is a fantastic diversion away from staggering drunks or worse on the Strip especially at 7am.
The box loves visitors and they always have a couple of out of towners joining in the fun. Two of us dropped in from Philly on a dry, hot morning to be beaten into submission by the Filthy Fifty, again. At least this time my time improved so the brutality stopped much faster…

Benchmark WOD “Filthy Fifty”
For time:
– 50 box jumps – 24?
– 50 jumping pull-ups
– 50 kb swings – 35 lbs
– 50 walking lunges
– 50 knees-to-elbows
– 50 push press – 45 lbs
– 50 back extensions
– 50 wall ball – 20 lbs
– 50 burpees
– 50 double unders

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