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Plank to the Burpee Cage

Traveling in Asia on a Paleo diet gave me many insights. The most important is that Asians (in China and Korea especially) eat practically no sugar and no corn or wheat. While rice staples do provide starch, there is no … Continue reading

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Eating Real Food

As part of any Paleo challenge we eventually turn to cutting out all processed foods. This is much harder than it sounds. In America 90% of the grocery store items, most restaurant foods contain processed items from preservatives through sweeteners … Continue reading

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First we cut the food additives

Barring emergency situations, we do not need sodium nitrates, soy lecithin, corn starch, maltodextrin, corn syrup and the hundreds of other frankenstein corn, wheat and soy derivatives in our foods. At least I don’t. After walking down the aisles of … Continue reading

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Stopping Paleo Relativism

Even those of us who have are eating paleo most of the time have some foodstuff that we let sneak into the daily diet. These are some common “exceptions” for some: – coffee¬†– I hate to yield this one – … Continue reading

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From Wheat Addiction to Paleo

Some friends have commented that they really wanted to make a full CrossFit lifestyle change but the food choices were, well, too radical. What this typically refers to is the discrimination against the crusty bread and wheat in general. I’m … Continue reading

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