Triple Triple WOD

This week’s ad hoc Central Park CrossFit team dwindled from an optimistic 7 Tuesday to a hardened 3 by today. A combination of thunderstorms and granite boulders seem to do that to you… I had a chance to party last night on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. What a great experience. Therefore for most of us the workout was on less than 5 hours of sleep. And for one of us on 2…

WOD 1 –¬†Warmup to Death
Every minute on the minute 1, 2, 3… reps of the following until you run out of time:
– pushups
– situps
– squats
556 reps – 18 rounds+43
WOD 2 – Chase the Birds
– 10m shuttle run
– kettle bell swings
– jump ropes
WOD 3 – Storm the Hill
3 rounds- not for time (forgot to time this)
– climb granite boulder with a kettlebell
– descend to starting point
– 5 Burpees

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