Everyday Elite Fitness

Walking on top of Buda Castle which arguably has the most amazing city view of any royal palace… (Prague, eat your heart out!)
Eastern Europe always had outstanding elite and professional athletes. My birth country, Hungary still produces one of the most gold medals per capita at the Olympics… What is exciting to see now is what I call everyday elite fitness – amateurs and weekend warriors doing adventure races, weightlifting meets, triathlons, marathons and yes, that curious sport with rings, boxes and kettlebells… Everyday elite fitness will do more to help national health, which is in bad shape here as much as it is back home States-side.
Butterfly Pullups
1-1-1-1-1 each of the following, not to exceed 80%:
– Power Clean [160]
– Front Squat [ 220]
– Back Squat [ 245]
MetCon: Double Unders
[200] standing 7,550 of 10,000


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