Jet Lag Buster WOD

Finally back home from Europe. After all these years of airplane living I have yet to find an effective jet lag recovery. I mean paleo style. No meds. One thing that works is of course some high intensity healing. But then again, Science Daily thinks workouts after jet lag are a bad idea… Sitting in an airplane seat also requires some serious Mobility Wod first, then all will be fine.
I always wondered if there are aircraft engineers who show their kids proudly those airplane seats saying: ‘that is our life’s work’.
Today’s WOD was inspired by my home box at CFDV.
– 500m rowing for speed  [1:39]
– 100 double unders
– Push Press 5/5/5/5/5   [155#]
21-15-9 of
– front squat 95#
– kettlebell swings 53#
– double unders
– Double Unders +105
[standing at 7,800 of 10,000]

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