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Three Great Dropins in Asia

We all know why dropins are good. They are a way to do WODs while away from our home box and they keep us away from hotel gyms that, well, do not have pullup bars, kettlebells and wallballs. Or if … Continue reading

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How To Do Double WODs

Recently a friend switched to a box where they always do double WODs. A benchmark WOD then 15 min AMRAP. Heavy lifting with hard MetCons. You get the idea.   There are constant arguments for and (mostly) against doubling up … Continue reading

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Deload Week a.k.a. Vacation

For years vacation has been a time when I had some extra time for maybe a double WOD or visiting new boxes for a drop-in. This summer my programming requires heavy lifts (5×5) combined with CF Endurance’s increasing distance sprints. … Continue reading

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CrossFit Journey 3 Years On

This month is my 3rd year of CrossFit and it’s a good time to take inventory of where I am now compared to back in 2011. To keep it simple and CrossFit-like – I decided to make it measurable in … Continue reading

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The Night Before the Beast

It took almost 3 hours from Albany to Killington, Vermont, the home of the Spartan Race and tomorrow’s Beast. I met with several athletes at the local Steakhouse for dinner. Some are doing the race for the first time and … Continue reading

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