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A Leadership Lesson From a Shaolin Monk

I came across some old photos from Shaolin Temple in China. I was there for a few days two years ago, and I still remember one specific conversation I had with my guide who was a local monk and kung … Continue reading

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Crossfit Apps for Business Travelers

As this blog shows, I had the opportunity to travel for most of my business career. One thing I noticed though is that most of my fellow travelers rarely venture outside their hotels especially in foreign countries. One big disadvantage … Continue reading

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Cities with the Best Hikes

There are a few great cities with mountain outdoor activities within their metro area, like San Francisco or Vancouver. Others have great options an hour drive away like Denver or Zurich. When it comes to quick access to great hiking, … Continue reading

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My Top 5 Favorite Places in the World to Run

A friend asked me what my favorite places are to run when I travel. I realized there are so many great locations. Some I had a chance to visit many times ( I made a promise that every time I’m … Continue reading

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Adventure Travel as Crossfit Lifestyle

For years I’ve posted to this blog when I was traveling and exploring Crossfit gyms during my trips. In the beginning (2011) CrossFit was still new and what I learned had new insights. By now Crossfit is a way of … Continue reading

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