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Work Life Balance and Silent Timers

Sometimes work gets in the way of a neatly laid out WOD. I think it is actually part of constantly varied training when you cannot get to the gym, yet you still do a short, high intensity workout even if … Continue reading

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How To Pack for CrossFit Travel

On this rest day I started packing for our Thanksgiving trip after a nice, slow, chilly 5-mile run in the park. After 18 months of CF travel, I have my workout accessories pre-packed. All I need are my sneakers and … Continue reading

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CMC Mission Done

I finished the CMC race which is all I wanted out of this beautiful Saturday run. This was probably my most challenging and amazing race yet. All athletes were in top shape and very motivated which gave the race an … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Beating of a Race

The first time my chiropractor applied kinesiology tape to reconstruct me after a particularly vicious bout of a Hero WOD, the taping industry was still more focused on running and biking than CrossFit. If you are a runner or cyclist … Continue reading

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CrossFit Shoe Fetish

There are some great shoes designed specifically for the rigors of CrossFit. I have been trying 3 models to see how they hold up to the Constantly Varied… Not being a professional shoe scientist, I kept it simple and focused … Continue reading

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