Adventure Travel as Crossfit Lifestyle

For years I’ve posted to this blog when I was traveling and exploring Crossfit gyms during my trips. In the beginning (2011) CrossFit was still new and what I learned had new insights. By now Crossfit is a way of life for most of us. Something you do every day, like brushing your teeth.

While there are still things I learn about modalities and WOD formats that surprise me, for most of Crossfit gyms it is all about the same AMRAP, EMOM and RFT formats created for two dozen movements or so. So writing about them becomes less interesting to me.

Maybe a forgotten part of the original Crossfit 100-word prescription to world-class fitness is to Learn and Play New Sports. As I traveled, I always encountered new ways to work out, from the stone-and-steel outside gyms in Ipanema to the long and steep hill climbs on Huashan in China.

Going forward I plan to write more about what happens outside the gyms in places I go and what I may call “new sports”. At least, new to me…

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