The Magic of Programming Consistency at CrossFit Trec

As it’s clear from this blog, in the last 6 years my travels took me to some great Crossfit boxes with a great variety of approaches to programming. I found the background of the head coach determined the philosophy applied to training. Some followed the mainsite years after every box adopted their own training, some brought in gymnastics,  endurance training, boxing, climbing and even swimming in the mix. After every trip something stuck with me that shaped my own WOD preferences.

Many times however I was stuck in a town with no CF options and had a hard time finding travel WODs that had the structure and flexibility I liked. WOD should be done in under an hour, have the variety needed, not require a lot of equipment and be fun. More importantly have the structure I liked (AMRAPs, EMOMs) and less of what I don’t (open ended task priority programming).

I tried following many box’s online WODs and even tried Fleeletics. In the end I kept coming back to the programming from a small gym in Hungary, CrossFit Trec. The founders had background in wrestling and in Crossfit Games and they had the structure I wanted. In general the template is something like this:

  • EMOM for 10-12 mins of heavy lifts
  • EMOM for 8-15 mins of 2-3 alternating movements
  • AMRAP 15-25 mins of any and all movements from running, gymnastics to lifts

Every Saturday they would have a 30-40 minute EMOM or AMRAP of 4-6 movements.

The variety, the time structure and the weekly overload kept me coming back to their WODs for 18 months now. Both when traveling and when not.

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