Finding Preferred Modality

Some of us tend to have a bias towards task priority (“for time”) and time priority (EMOM, AMRAP) workouts. Over the last 5 years I noticed my tendency to prefer certain programming styles. During my crazy travel schedule I experimented following programming from various boxes and settled for Invictus most of the time. The extensive use of EMOMs during weightlifting sessions and Metcons keep cadence and focus outside the gym.

I noticed that I prefer time priority workouts outside of Benchmark WODs. AMRAPS and EMOMs allow for various athletic abilities to complete the task at the same time while allowing for more and less intensity during the workout. EMOMs in particular I found much higher intensity than the second half of a long WOD.

Being in Europe in the summer I found several gyms that program mostly for time priority and still have immense workload and intensity. It reminds me of visiting a gym 5 years ago that had a week of Tabatas and argued that nothing beats 4-6 tabatas in a row under 20 minutes.

Closeup of athlete holding kettlebell weight

Closeup of athlete holding kettlebell weight

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