Putting the Long Run Back in CrossFit

Back in the good old days of the first CrossFit Games, circa 2007, there was a lot of  WOD programming of long runs (and the requisite debate about them). Almost a decade later even bumper stickers proudly announce the 0.25 distance so common in our sport.

As we are getting ready for the next CF Open (I’m looking at you overhead lunges), I decided to plan out my long runs for the summer. Spartan Trifectas, 10 milers, city obstacle runs and even great mountain hikes could add a great variety to life in the box. Most importantly I get to finally dust off my 2012 CF Endurance training manual…

With that, I’m heading next week to my favorite run on Montara mountain in Half Moon Bay. Already registered for the Broad Street Run, a Spartan and just maybe a hike in Tibet.

But for now, time to tackle 16.1


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