So What Can an Average CrossFitter Do?

I was watching the highlights from the Regionals with a friend when he popped a question that I didn’t have a good answer for: “Every sport has elite players, but what can the average CrossFitter do?”. With millions entering the sport and hundreds of thousands participating in the Open – it is hard to have an exact answer. Each box tracks their own members’ performance but what is the average across regions, ages and experience levels?

Until we find the perfect answer I found an imperfect one that could serve as a good proxy. I looked at key movements in Beyond the Whiteboard where at least 10,000 athletes posted to get a better statistical distribution. Again, no science here as we cannot control the demographics of submissions but the results are still quite insightful. Recognizing that no single person is equally strong or weak in both gymnastics, weightlifting and monostructural movements (meaning the average Joe/Jane may not exist), still here is the

Profile of the Average CrossFitter:

Weightlifting maxes of 50th percentile Crossfitter (male/female)

  • Power Clean:  205 / 121 lbs
  • Bench Press 230 / 110 lbs
  • Back Squat  293 / 174 lbs
  • Deadlift    365 / 220 lbs

Gymnastic maxes of 50th percentile Crossfitter (male/female)

  • Max unbroken pullups   25  / 13

Monostructural maxes of 50th percentile Crossfitter (male/female)

  • Row 500m     1:36 / 1:57
  • Row 2000m    7:44 / 8:57
  • Run 1 mile    6:56 / 8:14

Benchmarks of 50th percentile Crossfitter (male/female)

  • Fran   5:51 / 7:00
  • Grace   3:48 / 4:27


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