Top 4 Lessons from 4 Years of CrossFit

I reflected on what made CrossFit such a great experience for me for the last 4 years considering I’m not a competitive athlete and certainly not #gamesbound. There are these 4 lessons I found made this sport better than anything I have experienced before:

1. Try different coaches and many boxes

For most of us our local box becomes like second family. What I learned though that for my athletic development different coaches and gyms could provide new and refreshing perspective and coaching. CFKOP and CFDV gave me a great foundation. CF Central London fixed my muscle up, CF Thames worked on my overhead squats and introduced me to competitor training, CF Munich made sprinting central to my training, Paul Bunyan reconstructed my olympic lifts, CF Beijing gave me the best ever mobility routine. The point is, the more varied expert perspective you get on your training, the better you will become.

2. Keep a training log and celebrate progress

I’m always amazed when athletes do not keep logs. Keeping score not only makes us improve our skills, it also reminds us how much CrossFit actually improves fitness. When I was running long distance my 10K splits barely got better in 10 years. In CrossFit all my metrics are moving up constantly. It is such a confidence boost to look at my Oly lifts or Hero WOD scores from 4 years ago vs today. Who was that person back then? If anyone asks why Crossfit, I show them my PR chart going back for years.

3. Surround yourself with high performers

A lesson that is true as much in CrossFit as it is in life. If your friends become people who do not give up, do not complain, set goals and reach them – you will be challenged to never give up either. As you step out from your normal group of friends and colleagues and know people from all walks of life who are as dedicated and passionate about self improvement as you are – you actually change the way you look at the world.

4. There is more to life than CrossFit

It is easy to be caught up in talking, drinking and dreaming CF all the time (and a sure way to turn off non-Crossfitters). The best way to be a CrossFitter is to transcend the WOD and bring the attitude, determination and passion to new sports, activities and other aspects of our lives. Tackling our todo list, personal challenges and our job as a WOD will benefit us way beyond the Box walls.


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