The Disappearing Open Gym Drop-in

As boxes get larger and busier efficiency dictates that the coaches focus more on standardizing the WODs and have less time for individual programming. While this is relatively easy to address in your local box – working post-WOD on a few skills – but when traveling extensively it becomes quite hard.

Years ago I could just drop in a box for a WOD in a city like New York and hang around for a few sets of whatever goat I was working on (HSPU, pistols or some lifts at the time). This week I tried this with several NYC boxes and they simply could not accommodate this Open Gym-time any more due to their immense traffic. And I do not blame them. With class sizes reaching 20+ and sessions in peak times running in parallel, it is hard enough to pay attention to the proper form of your athletes.

The irony of it all became that after an outstanding WOD at CFNYC I walked over to a nearby globo gym to finish my prescribed Catalyst skill training for the day. In the process I found a great service called FitDayPass that allows -wait for it – drop-ins at dozens of traditional gyms in Manhattan.


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  1. Gavin Apter says:

    Thanks for the mention!

    As a thank you, we’d like to offer your readers up to 20% off, using code FITFAM.

    Gavin – Founder, Fit Day Pass

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