Level 1 Cert – Paleo Style

Late August Mark Sisson announced a fully accredited certification program for Primal/Paleo lifestyle. Since I have been living my version of paleo for a few years now I decided to take the plunge and learn as much as I can about the science behind the theory.

After having read most paleo and low-carb books by the likes of Gary Taubes, Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf and Jeff Volek I did not expect to find new areas of discovery.

The cert had a great way to distill the thousands of research references Mark used in his endless blog posts and several books. The science in the online training got really deep, the test questions were quite technical but the study was well worth it. As a great companion to all my Crossfit certs – some of Mark’s teachings on better eating, performance fueling and life management ought to be great addition to the CF certs.


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