On weeklong ski trips there is extra thinking necessary to adjust to the WOD. Especially during Open weeks. High speed or mogul skiing will put a lot of strain on the legs but will be strangely helpful for the core.

This week being guests of both Snowbird and CrossFit Sandy and pacing ourselves between 14.4 and 14.5 we learned a couple of good lessons:

– quad and hamstring mobility is especially important before and after skiing
– your PR on leg movements, like squats will suffer. Get over it
– if you are not used to mountain air, metcons will feel like doing it underwater
– running as warmup is an awesome way to clear lactic acid from the legs

CrossFit Sandy is one of our favorite drop-in spots because of their especially structured 4-step WODs combining warmup, mobility, strength and metcon each day.

And yes, the backsquats after the ski day did make us walk funny.


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