CrossFit Life Lesson 28 – Know Your Score Every Day

In CrossFit how you show up every day is visible on the scoreboard. Having a great day with ton of energy is reflected in your daily standing as much as feeling tired or just feeling like slacking off. In the end it is all on me and you. The scoreboard really does not care about who we are. While it is great to see how much I pushed in my home box along with my peers, it is also magical to get a daily standing on where I stand worldwide against others doing the same workout. It happens in the Open but also if you use tools like Beyond the Whiteboard. Knowing where you stand every day helps you prepare, learn from your peers, get much better than any pep-talking I can do to myself. I may sugarcoat the truth but the scoreboard will not.

In some professions there is a daily scoreboard. Whether you are in sales, on the assembly line or in a job where the results are immediately visible, it could be a blessing for your career and growth. You know where your peers, your competitors stand and you can course-correct and excel. Unfortunately in too many office and service jobs the only time people get feedback is in their annual reviews and mostly on subjective criteria. It is like saying, I’m not sure how much you lifted but I think your form was cool. That will not win the Olympics or even post a PR.
Make sure you know where you stand every day. Ask for or make up measurements you can track. Find out where others stand. Whether they are in the next cubicle or in Brazil or China. Do not believe there is no score. There always is. And there is also always a job market for winners. We all want to make sure we are one of them. And it all starts with keeping and improving your score. Every day.

Keep a score

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