How Hard Could It Be?

A lot of bad ideas start with the question “How hard could it be to…” In today’s edition of that question I figured I had an hour before I had to leave for work so I thought: “How Hard Could it Be to sprint up and down Victoria Peak” in Hong Kong. Real man do not take the tram, I reasoned. Google Maps suggested 50 minutes for the uphill route, “but that must be for walkers and since I’m a runner so I should do it in 20 minutes and return downhill in 10 minutes and do the whole thing in half an hour flat”.

Well, it turns out the Google Maps estimates were close for this CrossFitter trying to get his long run in on a Friday morning. The round trip took an hour and provided plenty of humility as some old Chinese couples speed-walked past me on some sections of the seemingly vertical stair climbs.

Being on the top overlooking Hong Kong made it all worthwhile. Even if I had to rush afterwards to make it to my morning meeting.

5-mile round trip climb to Victoria Peak from Central HK


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