The One Big Lesson from 800 Days of CrossFit

It has been over 2 years of five times a week WODs and Constant Pondering about CrossFit (the disease I share with many CrossFitters). While back in June 2011, I thought I would try this thing for a couple of weeks to see if ‘this is really better than P90X’. Well, that is how it started anyway. I do not think I took more than a day off ever since and recently rest days became endurance days.

While I posted 27 CrossFit life lessons as I progressed with the sport and learned more about myself in the process – I wanted to get to the One Big Lesson CrossFit has taught me so far. And without it sounding like some cliche (quite hard really).

I thought about what every WOD feels like as you get going, struggle alongside your team, fight through it, turn off the inner voice, cheer others on, push harder and harder until finally you get to draw those sweat angels on the floor.

Then the One Big Life Lesson became obvious:

Step Up. Give It All. Encourage Others. Finish Strong. Celebrate. Every Day.

Photo source:  Hardass Fitness

Photo source: Hardass Fitness

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