CrossFit Handicap – How to WOD with Friends and Family

In some sports like tennis, track, golf and chess the handicap index gives us the ability to have a fun game between athletes or players with vastly different skills. I have written before about one possible way to do a formal CF handicap index based on work capacity calculations in benchmark WODs like Fran.

Recently as I have been training with my 14-year old daughter and also athletes who can string 30 muscle-ups or others who cannot do a single pushup – I realized something.
While there may be a few grades of athletes between Froning and your box’s newbie – Crossfit may just have a built-in handicap mechanism after all: Constantly Varied.
My daughter may not match me in Oly lifts but can handily beat me on sprints and maybe longer runs as well. Over the course of a workout with 3-5 WOD components the strengths and weaknesses bring athletes a lot closer on the scoreboard than just judging by one movement or benchmark alone.

Compared to tennis or track, improvement and skills are not linear in CrossFit. If you get much better in running gives no indication what improvement you made in strength, balance or stamina.
So a 2-year Crossfitter will likely triumph over a beginner overall but may be lessoned in running or agility. Like I was today by a fire-breather 14-year old.

Bike 4K, then complete 30-20-10 reps of front squats, lunges, push ups.
Work Capacity:
For time…
– Run 1 mile
– 75x partner KB swings
– Partner row 1,000m
– 60x partner front squats
– Run 1 mile
– 45x partner pull ups
Power clean – 80% x 3 reps, 85% x 3 reps, 90% x 3+ reps.
2 rounds, not timed:
10x power clean, 20x KB sumo deadlift high pull, 25m walking lunges
– 60x GHD sit ups,
– 45sec/45sec side bridge
– 4K bike ride


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