CrossFit Life Lesson 27 – Get Real Discipline

The word discipline may invoke the image of someone toiling away at some superhuman task almost as a form of self-punishment. Or being obedient to someone else’s rigor and command.

I think real discipline can be quite the opposite: something liberating and a form of self-expression. SealFit founder, Mark Divine says that when we are disciplined, we are Disciples of a higher purpose. We adopt a set of new practices in order to follow our calling whether spiritual or quite material.

In our jobs, these practices may be authentic communication, keeping our commitments, follow-through or putting the customer’s interest ahead of the Firm. In Crossfit, they are things like showing up 100%, finishing the task as prescribed, supporting the team and never calling it quits.

We are all capable of 10 times more than we are demonstrating. Whether that is push-ups, customer calls or helping others. We’ve all seen it in many situations. The difference between where we are and where we can be is truly all in our head.

The day we become Disciples of our vision of giving 10 times more of ourselves, the discipline that follows will be unstoppable.

And may inspire others to do the same.


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