Getting to Know Countries Through Their Favorite Sports

Every country and region has one or two favorite sports. I do not mean spectator sports but things people actually do in their pastimes. America’s sport may be baseball, but jogging seems more dominant than friends and family pitching on a field.
China’s may be Tai Chi as I keep stumbling into groups of men and women at the break of dawn engaged in their graceful flow. Find a flat surface in South America and they will be playing soccer. Every square in the cities you’d see people playing basketball in the States, bocce or boules or petanque in Italy, Spain and France.
You’d see cyclists everywhere in Holland and Eastern Europe. Like in Hungary.
On my morning runs I see probably 10 cyclists to every runner on their morning trip.
So when it comes to constantly varied sports – I’d better learn a couple of new ones.

6,500m city run
Front squat – 80% x 3 reps, 85% x 3 reps, 90% x 3+ reps
Work Capacity: 
5 rounds for time…
– 5 x double unders
– 5 x chest to bar pull ups
– 3 x Power snatch – 95#
– 3 x handstand push ups
30 min city bike ride

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