CrossFit Life Lesson 26 – Give it 110%

I never understand why anyone would invest time, energy and money into an endeavor like CrossFit and do it half-heartedly. Either you are in or you are not. While we live in a world where commitments are relative “I’m sort of working on it”, I think we all deserve better than that.

In life there are simply no special rewards for 43% effort or finishing in the 314th place… We know it from our jobs, our customers and our peers that even giving a 100%, sometimes only gets us 80% reward. Because someone else gave 110%.

I remember a client telling me, “You don’t need to work 10 hours a day because I ask you to. Do it because your successor is putting in 14…” Harsh? Yes. True? You bet.

Go the extra mile in every endeavor you commit to or do not do it at all. Because in this world of 7 billion people many will do just that and leave us in the dust. You and I may not care but unfortunately it does not change our standings… Neither in CrossFit, nor in Life.


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