Oktoberfest WOD

Since I don’t drink beer, I needed to find something that would knock me out after 5 servings. There may be better alternatives, but I settled for a WOD to accomplish this goal today. Since I broke my barbell yesterday (some bars can’t handle CrossFit especially the ones with big bolts at the ends), I used up other implements in my office and home gyms…

– Warrior Yoga, Mental Drills, Hip Mobility
3 rounds of
– 10 deadlifts 275 lbs
– 10 Burgener Warmups 45 lbs
– 100 Double Unders
– 2000m Row
– Tabata cycling
METCON “Oktoberfest”
5 rounds
– 5 Handstand push-ups
– 10 pull-ups
– 20 kettlebell swings 40lbs
– 30 sit-ups
– 40 double unders
– 50 jumping jacks


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