CrossFit Life Lesson 25 – Work Your Bucket List

It is said that most people float through life without any specific goal or sense of purpose. Others have too unrealistic goals and hopes. I have both a list of goals and a bucket list. With plenty of unreasonable things on them…

I consider these 2 lists very different. Goals tend to be things we work towards in our jobs or personal lives. Like relationships, contribution, financial success and learning.
The bucket list consists of things we won’t want to miss while we are chasing our goals… Our goals give us a sense of accomplishment while doing things on the bucket list actually makes us happy.

One item on my bucket list is to see the 5 tallest towers in the world. This year I will check this one off and I’m very excited as it will happen on the week of my birthday. I will dedicate a special WOD to celebrate it and I plan to challenge some locals (I will be in Kuala Lumpur at the time) to do it with me… Then off to the other 60 entries on that list… Like qualifying for the Masters at the Games…


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