The first word that comes to mind when I think CrossFit is intensity. It is central to the sport and our ability to expand beyond our earlier limitations. The primary way we increase intensity is by doing more reps or weights in less time. This one is obvious. Men will die to get seconds off the clock… I particularly like the less obvious mind tricks we play with instensity, like death by pull-ups, where the load keeps going up until you break.
One of the best mind-hacks are the workouts called unbroken. Better than just max reps. The unbroken do not get to rest, or they are out. I think they are the toughest as you progress in your training. Great Unbroken WODs are the Bear Complex, Helen and today’s Lynne..
SealFit Daily Routine
Warrior Yoga, Meditation, Hip Mobility, Mental Focus
Benchmark WOD Lynne
5 rounds
– max body weight bench press (unbroken)
– max pull-up (unbroken)
Wendler W2 Front Squat
3-3-5 [200+]


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