The Magic of 21-15-9

You can read about Tabatas and the research that went into why 8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off is the most effective workout sequence. I do not think I found the same proof about the 21-15-9 formula. But when it is programmed, it is like bad omen. Whether it appears in Fran, JT, Elizabeth or Diane, you know someone (Glassman?) knew something about these magic numbers.
Today I did a repeat of the first Hero WOD ever invented, JT. And finally I did it as prescribed (still hate handstand pushups) which almost cost me an arm and a shoulder… As usual, the last 9 reps were hell… There is definitely something to SealFit’s daily yoga mandate. I no longer have hamstring or calf issues. And it has only been 2 weeks…
SealFit Daily Routine
Warrior Yoga, Meditation, Hip Mobility, Focus Drills
Benchmark WOD “JT”
21-15-9 of
– handstand pushups
– ring dips
– pushups
[9:47 Rx]

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