Getting Efficient

We do not talk too much about efficiency in our sport of constantly varied movements. I do think however that when learning the movements, getting more efficient is very important. One way to get there is what I started doing: dedicated an entire month to fix one fault as a warmup. Last month: double unders, this month: burpees, next month: overhead squats. Once you have to do a couple of hundred reps your mind and muscles will figure out how to optimize and avoid the pain. That in turn will pay dividends later.
Back to chest to bars today inspired by my first box, CF KOP‘s programming.
I haven’t done these since the CF Open in the spring.  Don’t love them, yet.
– 100 burpees [500 of 2,000]
21-15-9 of
– power cleans 155 lbs
– chest to bars
[12:45 @ 135 lbs]
Rebuilding the rubber floor in my home gym… Monster Tiles !!!

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