CrossFit Life Lesson 23 – Be Relevant and Have Clear Impact

In business this part of the year is all about planning for the next year, for high growth and certainty despite uncertainty all around us with elections, Euro and the like.
Something we frequently talk about is that everyone who succeeds in good times and bad does two things really well: they stay relevant to their customers and they keep making an impact. What does that really mean?
When you are relevant, you are working only on things that matter to your customers whether they are businesses or athletes. You stay relevant by satisfying needs they clearly perceive and not ones you think they should have. In business it means selling the right product or service and in CrossFit it is programming that keeps athletes engaged, challenged, motivated but not discouraged.
Once you are sure that you are relevant, you need to make an impact. The business impact is about delivering on the promise, creating the value and offering the right price or quality. In CrossFit it is improving the general fitness,  strength and benchmarks that show the value of the program in measurable terms.
I am convinced that businesses and CrossFit boxes that are both relevant and impactful will have nothing to fear of debt crises, Mayan calendars or natural disasters. Business will be just fine.
And on that happy note: 100 burpees [400 of 2,000]

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