Old City Obstacle Course

Bratislava’s slogan is ‘Little Big City’ as it is probably one of the smallest capitals of one of the smallest countries. The entire downtown area is for pedestrians only among ancient streets, churches and shops. Our cool hotel is in an 800-year old former monastery.
The morning run with my daughter was great because in 3 miles we covered most of the old town…
WOD “Old City Obstacle Run”
Run 3 miles
Stop every 3 minutes and perform one of the following:
– 20 squats
– 20 pushups
– 20 situps
– 20 walking lunges
– 20 jumping jacks
– 20 broad jumps
– 100 double unders
– 50m sprint
Double Unders
100 [standing at 7,150 of 10,000]


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