CFDV set a great new standard for the workout today: “unbroken”. As we learned, there is a world of difference between doing 20 reps of something when you can rest vs when you cannot. In fact the workout I remember the most was at CFKOP designed by one of the athletes called ‘Bad Medicine‘. Running, cleans, wallballs and overhead squats with a medicine ball then you can never put down… KOP has done these with barbells too…

The point is simple. Some days I could do 20 unbroken double unders. But any day, any time? Not. The standard is what you can show up with any day, any time. That is the true baseline worth improving… Like pulling a double under all-nighter? Can’t sleep till you get 100 unbroken? Tempting…

Wendler Strict Shoulder Press [110+]
5 rounds
– 15 Wall Balls – 20 lbs
– 20 Double Unders or 40 singles
Needs to be unbroken – any broken sequence needs to be restarted
Any resting or bad form requires restart of the round as well
[TIME: 7:50 w singles]

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