CrossFit Life Lesson 20 – Expand Your Community

I have never been part of a community more challenging and more supportive than the average CrossFit gym. It is said that we come to CrossFit for fitness and stay for the friends. This is truly without boundaries. Whether I drop in my home gym at CFKOP or halfway across the world, the same cheers and you-can-do-its are shared among the team. When you are in CrossFit you are all on the same team. You can watch the Games athletes root for their competitors to finish and the judges often push the athlete for that extra rep. (Have you EVER seen that in the Olympics?)

While the sport comes with its built-in community, we can all expand it further. Many athletes form teams beyond the walls of the box. Corporate CF gyms have people from many boxes, the CMC or the Spartan race have entire CF subcommunities and if you ever walk in your CF T-shirt in a foreign city, you’re bound to have a friend or two to show you the town.

The best part of the CrossFit journey may be exactly this. You will have friends from all walks of life around the world simply for pushing yourself to the limit. And they will be right there with you and do the same. What could possibly be cooler than that?

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