CrossFit Life Lesson 18 – Don’t Let Go of the Bar

All challenges in life eventually can be summed up as pushing against resistance… It is most obvious in weightlifting. When you step up to your new personal record weight, you only need to do two things to succeed:

  • Commit to the lift
  • Don’t let go of the bar

All failed lifts are due to violating one of these principles…

Failed projects, jobs, relationships may just have the same origins. Are we committed enough to following through no matter what? Once we committed are we holding on without cutting off all other possibilities? Are we willing to push against all possible resistance? Or will we just quit?

The only difference between successful people and those that aren’t is simply lack of commitment and follow-through. They are usually fueled by strong passion for the challenge, the project, the relationship or the PR. But it is the commitment that carries them through. And if you make a public commitment, you are even more likely to get results. Your friends (and your enemies) will surely hold you accountable…

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