Tax Day WOD

I’m not sure if other countries turn their tax day into a National Day of Dread but judging from the lines in front of the Post Offices I drove past this morning – it’s a big deal over here… So, it is only appropriate to celebrate our taxpayer heroes properly with a workout. “1040” is the name of our tax form in the US – so you will see those numbers well represented in the WOD…

– Burgener
– Pose Running
– Overhead Squat
– Wendler Push Presses – 5×65%, 5×75%, AMRAPx85%
Tax Day WOD
– 1040m run
– 40 power cleans 95 lbs
– 40 V-ups
– 40 clapping pushups
– 40 deadlifts 140lbs
– 1040m row
TIME: 25:30
– Pose running sprints 8x100m with 60 second breaks

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